Cool Room Service and Repairs

With regular cool room servicing and maintenance, your cool room can continue to operate at its best for longer, and you can make significant savings in the long run. With more efficient energy use and a longer lifespan, you reap the benefits of making this early investment in the continued operation of your cool room. Melbourne businesses have relied on the competitive pricing and expert advice of our team members for years. The Zeal Refrigeration Group are here to support your business - bringing over 30 years of combined experience to every job.


Call Our Cool Room Mechanics for Expert Service

Maybe you have a mobile cool room that has become essential to your business. Or you may be considering having a new cool room installed at your premises. Whatever style of cool room you have, and whatever your industry, you can call Zeal Refrigeration Group for advice, or to book a comprehensive cool room service today.

Our mechanics can draw up a regular maintenance schedule that suits your business, ensuring you have the support that you need to keep all systems operating efficiently, and effectively.


Offering the Cool Room Servicing Melbourne Businesses Need

You can contact our team to book your first appointment for cool room servicing at a time that suits you, or contact our team at any time for emergency cool room repairs. Our customers can call on the services of our qualified mechanics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to get their critical systems back up and running. 


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